100% passionate speaker with a mission!

“Realtionships capital is of priceless value. Having good relationships you live happier and achieve more!

Good relationships are reachable for everyone!

Good relationships creates strength and gives you good radiation.
You create happiness and (work) pleasure.

The simple concepts “golden workfundament” and “heart” and give you the practical tools for this:
– “Heart” model: About how to live in right relationship with yourself and others,
– “Golden workfundament”: How you through smarter networks that job and / or customer attracts that suits you.

Ruud is a passionate speaker who knows how to touch people. His speeches are interactive and makes you an experience richer are, so you can really grow!

Rudy Brouwer has over 25 years businessexperience.
He is a serial entrepeneur, author, international keynote speaker, trainer, coach, inspirator
Brancheexperience: ICT, Telecom, HR, Government, Accountancy, Banking, Insurances, Education, Laywers, Entrepeneurs.

Date of birth: 4th february 1961, Male
Country of citizen: Netherlands

– authenticity
– personal networking
– personal leadership
– teambuilding
– connecting people
– entrepeneurship
– communication
– vulnerability
– the art of meeting people
– being your own best leader
– the power og being Human
– How to create good realtions, private and business

The power of vulnerability
Free your mind
The power of contact
Connecting people
The secrets to optimal collaberation
You are your own best leader
Relationmanagement/  authentic networking

I have experience speaking for following groups:
– entrepeneurs: How to get more customers on effectieve and
pleasant way. Personal networking!
– Trainers : How to work “out of the box” through your heart
– Leaders : How to be an authentic, connective leader
– Employees : How to work with people from your heart

As a keynote speaker i will give you an interactive experience!
I will use no technics as powerpoint/prezi, etc. Just pure Rudy!

I created two models:
– H.A.R.T : How to live in good connection with yourself and others
– Golden workfundament: How by smartly use your network attract the
job and/or client that suits you.

You can find articles in managementmagazines,newspapers, live radio-and TV interviews.


Exclusive: Our keynote is always unique as we interact with the audience.
We use no technics like powerpoint/prezi, etc.

I want to give you awareness and experience which you can apply directly in your daily live.

After you will leave the presentationroom you will have awareness (+question), a smile , new contacts, tips and results.

100 % guarantee of a passionate speaker with a mission!

– Dutch
– English

For booking please contact me or Speakersacademy in your country

E: rudy@hartfullness.com
T: +31(0) 356247616 or +31 (0) 644670573

“Being yourself, gives ultimate freedom!


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