House of Connection


A place to grow and prosper!


A place where you can experience being you!”


A place of:


  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Sharing
  • Enriching


Key values: authenticity, love, respect, appreciation, honesty, freedom, space, fun, relaxing, enrichment, growth.


In meeting other people, you can experience/ perceive who you are. The House of Connection offers you that space.


What you can achieve:
– experience freedom
– time for yourself
– creating space
– experience connecting to your emotions
– awareness of who you are
– learn through experiencing who you are
– minimalise fear to be yourself
– achieve personal goals
– find your place
– follow your own path
– growth, enrichment
– experience energy
– experience appreciation
– experience respect


– by learning through experiencing. Experience it yourself!
– ask others about their own experiences


– learning through experiencing being who you are, every day, each moment
– experiencing being a leader
– inspiring others to be natural leaders
– inspiring and strengthening each other
– co-creating a world where people find peace within themselves and others, a world where you can manifest


Rudy’s goal is being who he is and inspiring others to be who he/she is! Only then can you experience freedom, happiness, health and wealth!

Then you can become a natural leader and inspire others to become natural leaders too.


The first physical House of Connection can be found in Hilversum.


Would you like to be a guest in the House of Connection in Hilversum?
Please contact us via the contact form or call Rudy.


Would you like a House of Connection in your neighbourhood?

At home, at your office, etc.

Share your wish by connecting to:


Rudy Brouwer
Author, international keynotespeaker, trainer, coach
T:+ 31 (0) 644670573

Dutch website:



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